4 Things you need to Rethink

Optimize your Healthy GLOW

by Dunsin Adebise
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I have you ever thought about the products you use day in, day out and how it effects your overall health?  These 4 tips will open your eyes to the bigger picture of how what you use daily can effect your body. These small tweaks can lead to a brighter more balanced future for you, your family and mother earth. Let’s jump in.

#1 Conventional Beauty Products
If you suffer from hormonal break outs, this is very important for you to rethink. Preservatives found in conventional products like parabens, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate absorb through your skin and enter your blood stream. This my friends, is super important to be aware of, as these toxic chemicals in your blood stream can alter your hormones!!  When you remove the ingredients that disrupt your endocrine system, and replace with organic non-toxic products, the result? Less breakouts and more radiant skin! YES!
As you make the transition to natural products I also recommend supporting your liver. How do you do that? Start by aiding digestion, with eliminating processed food, limiting alcohol, eating whole organic produce, drinking Lemon water upon waking and Dandelion root tea through out the day. Dandelion root helps to increase bile flow…bile is what binds to toxins and excess hormones and allows it to be excreted out of your body! YAY for bile 🙂 Also consider including milk thistle, dandelion and yellow burdock supplement to help strengthen your liver.
Now, don’t just think about your facial products, also think about detergent, household cleaning products, and your body and hair products.
#2 Be Friends with Natural Oils
We have been brainwashed to think that oils are bad or can cause breakouts! Consider this, If it wasn’t for oil, and phosolipids in your skin, you wouldn’t be water proof! Oils are our friend! They improve brain function, aid our bodies in movement, makes our skin glow, the list goes on. The key here, is to choose the right oil for your skin type. Also take into consideration the condition you wish to treat.
Dry mature, sun damaged skin will see best results with rose hip, coconut, apricot oils. Blemish prone skin will see best results with jojoba, hemp or squalane oils.  I have recently be come obsessed with seabuckthorne oil. This oil can be used on all skin types! It is considered to be a dry oil and is rich in vitamin C and is also amazing at healing traumatized, irritated skin like eczema, inflammation from breakouts and contact dermatitis.
Another thing to consider, is consuming fish oil or flax seed oil and lecithin to see a more of a radiant glow!
#3 Over Exfoliation
Using the right exfoliant and how often you use it is key. If you have active acne using a physical scrub can burst open the pustules and spread bacteria into surrounding pores, causing new clogging and congestion. Yuck!  In this case, using an enzyme or AHA exfoliant would be best.
For those of you that have black heads, but no raised pimples, than using a scrub would give you the best result. Warning! Not all facial scrubs are created equal. Feel the granules of your existing product, do they feel really sharp? Than don’t use that on your face! The sharp edges could make micro cuts on your face, which causes more problems for your delicate skin.
With that said, what type of grain is in your exfoliant? The more natural the granule is the better! Did you know that the fish we eat are being caught with synthetic micro beads in their tummies? What that means, is that we are indirectly eating the off gas of toxic plastic, as it has diffused into the flesh of the fish we eat! GROSS right?! This ultimately means the fish we eat are having a huge impact on our hormone balance, and can cause breakouts. In addition, all that plastic found in our water can’t be good for mother earth.
So think twice about buying conventional synthetic scrubs! SeaFlora Organic Skincare has some amazing exfoliants that have natural diatomaceous, sea sand in them. This type of product is rich in silica, and other minerals which is amazing for the skin and amazing for mother earth and our very important Eco-system. We want our children to grow up within a nice clean planet, Yes? Every small change we make, will have a huge impact if we all pitch in!
#4 Sunscreen
Here is my last tip, and is usually the last thing we apply to our skin before we start our day! Protecting our skin from UV radiation, especially our face, chest and hands is super important! Ok, so we DO need at least 20 mins of sun every day for vitamin D and to boost mood. But beyond that, too much UV light can impact our immune system, cause skin cancer and prematurely age our skin! One thing to keep in mind is what I said above about conventional beauty products being hormone disrupters, the same applies here.
There are healthier versions of sun protection out there. You just have to pick the one that works with your skin type. COOLA is my fave. The line of sunscreen has a variety of textures for different skin types and it uses less traditional chemical ingredients. They also incorporate organic natural antioxidants which boosts overall effectiveness. Some of the COOLA products even have tint, so that they can replace your makeup which is great.

I also want to mention that there is a really cool supplement that can help increase skin resistance to UV induced sunburn! Bend skincare anti-aging formula is a product that helps reduce chronic inflammation and helps to reduce free radical stress in the skin when taken daily. The best results are seen when taken for 3 months. Not only does this supplement protect your skin from UV damage, but it also has a positive effect on skin texture and redness associated with Rosacea and overall sensitivity.

I hope you have all been inspired to make the small changes in your daily routine that will have a huge impact on your health!

If you have any questions or interested in purchasing any of the products I have mentioned in this post, please feel free to contact me at glowwithmei@gmail.com

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