Review of Bratz Dolls Relaunch

Introducing new collections and awesome new features!

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Bratz Collection

Bratz Collection

Peomote individuality and creativity

10.0 /10

Dolls are cool, unique, & fashionable

10.0 /10

Incorporates role play with selfie stick

10.0 /10


  • Dolls are accessorized
  • Can take on the go
  • Can personalize dolls
  • Feature mobile options

Bratz allows children to choose dolls that encourage them to express themselves and allow for individuality, creativity and confidence.

The core Bratz dolls, Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha, are returning along with the newest member to their group of besties, Raya. The brand relaunch features fashion trends influenced by pop culture, revolutionary entertainment content, an immersive and interactive digital app, play sets and a Bratz emoji pack.

The relaunch features collections such as Bratz Hello My Name IsTM which reintroduces the core Bratz friends with personalized iconic outfits that express their individual personalities, styles and interests. The Bratz #SelfieSnapsTM collection lets children enjoy their Bratz friends while also remaining up to date with current technology, including tech-inspired accessories, a smartphone and two phone cases, as well as a selfie stick. Other new collections include BratzFierce FitnessTM, Bratz Study Abroad, Bratz #SnowKissed,  and Bratz Create-It-Yourself Fashion Set.

“Bratz have always led the industry in providing a diverse collection of dolls that offer girls a way to play as creatively as possible,” said Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment. “What makes the new Bratz collection so unique is that we’ve also included immersive ways for girls to create their own worlds physically and digitally. Bratz is back to arm girls with the confidence to know that it’s good to be yourself; and it’s good to be a Bratz.”

In Canada, Bratz products will be available at Toys“R”Us, Walmart, Hudson Bay Company, Loblaws, Sears and Indigo online. The app will be available in app stores for iPhone and Android For more information on Bratz, please visit, or

Bratz Hello My Name Is – $19.99 each

Bratz Study Abroad – $24.99

Bratz Fierce Fitness – $21.99

Bratz #SelfieSnaps – $34.99

Bratz #SnowKissed – $39.99 each

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