Ashley Ganase shares MOM TRAVEL TIPS

Shares Diaper Bag Essentials!

by Dunsin Adebise
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Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Ashley Ganase. I am 27 years old from Ontario Canada. Married to the love of my life, Adam for 5 years.  We have two crazy amazing little humans. Our daughter Amaya, she is 2 years old and our son Liam, he is 8 months. I am currently on maternity leave. We always try to make the best of everyday as we know our kids will grow up quick, it can be traveling somewhere far and new or checking out a fun local place. As hard as its been managing two kids close in age, nothing compares to seeing those smiles when we do something new and fun together!

What kind of diaper bag do you use? (backpack? Traditional bag? Tote?)

I have all three depending on where we go and what we are doing. A traditional huge diaper bag for full day event or when staying overnight somewhere.  A designer tote bag for the “fancier” occasions and a backpack for everyday use. My favourite is the backpack, with two little ones being hands free is a must! Usually my hubby will also carry one to help me out!

What would you never leave home without?

My backpack with with everything I need for the day for myself and the kids. Water bottles/sippy cups for all of us. Dog poop bags, if I don’t use them for my dogs I will use them for dirty diapers. And Last but not least, PJs! If I am going out with the kids and I know it will be around bed time I will change them into their PJs so when I get home or they are already asleep in the car its one less step to do.

What would you recommend a mom like yourself travel with?

Always bring a spare change of clothes for not only the kids but yourself as well. Hand sanitizer and surface wipes because having sick babies isn’t fun but mom being sick is worse. snacks for everyone because everyone gets “hangry” at the worse times. A good Spotify playlist to dance and sing along to in the car! (throw in a good throwback mama!)

What is your beauty routine especially when you’re travelling?

I try to keep it as quick and simple as possible since I have to get everything and everyone else ready. I quickly use concealer under my eyes to hide the fact that I’ve been up all night. I follow that by applying tinted moisturiser with SPF, not only does it even out my skin but protects from the sun and makes my skin feel light weight/healthy. for my eyes some mascara and a simple winged eyeliner that I’ve been doing since I was 16. I finish it off with quick bronzer and blush to give my face a nice “wake me up” and a tinted lip balm. I love going full glam when I have the time but this one takes me less than 5 minutes to do and I feel good in it!

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