Benefits of lifting weights

Nicole’s Workout -Week 12

by Robb Armstrong
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ELifestyle’s Robb Armstrong has helped me tremendously in my transformation to a super fit healthy mommy and I would like to share my wonderful experience with all the savvy mom’s of PINK & BLUE. In today’s post, I want to share the benefits of weight training, I am in week 12 and cannot believe how far I have come. I can feel how fit my body is getting and how much stronger I am.

As soon as women hear the word ” weight training “, we tend to imagine a big, bulky female version of the Incredible Hulk. I used to have the same archaic notion that weight training is only for body builders, not savvy moms and boy was I wrong ! Robb helped me to dispel that myth and show me the path to fitness heaven!

Here are my trainer Robb Armstrong’s tips from eLifestyle

Robb’s 3-Pack Training Tips 

Shedding post-baby weight to create a sleek, strong and feminine body doesn’t have to mean countless hours in the gym, but at minimum you will need to lift some light free weights to add lean muscle. At various times throughout their training regimen, some of my female clients have expressed a little apprehension towards the use of weight training as part of their program to trim, tone and shed the pounds. So, here’s some tips as to why adding lean muscle to your body is actually the major key to losing weight!

Wall Squat - Stability Ball

Breaking down muscle is a good thing!


  • Exercising each muscle group at the proper intensity will create microscopic tears in the muscle putting the need on the body to recover. Through rest and a balanced diet your muscles will recover and repair. This process done over and over is what forces the body to burn more calories on a daily basis with the result being that you are revving up your metabolism and losing weight while sculpting your body.

Do you feel you’ve gained 8-10 pounds this year and want to get rid of it?

Keep this in mind…


  • Over the course of a year, strength training adds about 2-5 pounds of lean muscle and each pound burns approximately 15 extra calories each day (in the past it was thought to be 50-70 calories per day per pound), which equals 30-75 calories burned each day. It doesn’t seem very significant, but it adds up to nearly 8 pounds a year!

The advantage to full-body or split training:


  • Through the use a full-body or split-training program, whereby each muscle group is worked from a variety of angles, the new lean muscle you add to your body doesn’t just “bulk” up one area. The total lean muscle weight is actually spread out evenly over your whole body. The result is a trimmed, toned, shapely physique with a metabolism that continues to remain revved up throughout the day!

Happy Training!


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The thrill of success is far better than the pain of regret!

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