Best Protein to eat to balance your Hormones!

Foods you should eat!

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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When it comes to hormonal balance, certain protein sources serve you better than others that include amino acids. You need to watch out for ones that overstimulate the immune system and create inflammation, such eating certain types of meat like beef. You want to make sure you are taking a probiotic that can keep your microbiome positive and won’t result in hormonal changes that can affect your estrogen, thyroid, and insulin.

Clothes should be a trend, your diet shouldn’t!  If we want our hormones in check and to stay balanced, it is recommended to eat clean proteins and unprocessed foods. To achieve this, eat mostly vegetables, nuts, seeds, the occasional fruit. When you go meatless, your estrogen decreases. I am not saying, to go vegan but, try to incorporate meatless Monday’s to start!

Our recommendation is to:

  1.  Limit alcohol intake
  2.  Decrease red meat consumption
  3.  Eat more vegetables
  4.  Increase fiber (35 to 50 grams per day)
  5.  Decrease Fish that contain mercury that can affect your thyroid. The worst fish are tuna, shark, and swordfish.
  6. Incorporate good proteins like: pea protein, lentils, beans, hemp seeds, chia seeds, quinoa, 
  7. Wild caught fish
  8. Grass Fed Beef



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