Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition

Age: 8 years and up

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Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition

Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition


10.0 /10


9.5 /10


10.0 /10


  • Can use with friends
  • Learn to bake
  • Lots of recipes


  • Adult supervision required

In 1963, Kenner created the first Easy-Bake Oven. This toy, which is now manufactured by Hasbro, is still one of the most popular toys in homes across the country. The Easy-Bake Oven  is a great gift this holiday season because not only does it provide hours of fun, but kids will also learn basic baking skills. Our kid testers loved the glittery gold accents on the Baking Star Edition. Kids can make a number of treats, including cake pops, cookies, truffles, pizza and whoopie pies.

From Hasbro: BAKE Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition comes complete with tools tweens will need including a baking pan, pan pusher/spatula, and mixes to make 12 Sparkle Cakes. Adult participation and electricity required. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide


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