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  • Health & Food: Recipes: traditional vs modern recipes for old classics
  • What’s in your pantry?
  • Gluten Free
  • Clean Eating
  • Easy Family Recipes
  • Nutrition: fast and easy work-outs, recipe ideas, smoothie ideas, features about diet and exercise, “what’s in your pantry” is  a new feature that we are launching to get healthy tips & recipes they can adopt for their families.
  • The Purge: Theme for Beauty, Fashion, Decor, Lifestyle, Health, Nutrition features

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  • Beauty & Fashion
    • Beauty: minimal mommy make-up, embrace spring with a lighter approach, daily make-up.
    • Fashion: new features : weekly style updates for spring, outfits of the day, new trends, highlighting brands
    • Into the Day, Into the Night!
    • Decor: trends for spring, how to spring clean, minimalist living etc – home-makeovers (true stories), DIY crafts for new home accessories
    • Spring Guide for fashion, beauty, decor, recipes, and any new changes in your life
    • Funny Sh*! From Your Kids – a daily feature where you can send in a sentence or two, picture, or video about which highlights a comical anecdote on their children
      • Outfit or Face of the day (OOTD/FOTD):   you can send in a picture of what they’re wearing or make-up to highlight their personal style
      • Coffee with …: a weekly interview with a real mom
      • Mommy of the Month: a feature article which highlights an extraordinary mom
      • What’s in your Mommy Bag/diaper bag?
      • Tip of the day/Mommy Advice:  Please send in personal anecdotes and advice about parents and how to deal with what life throws at you
      • In the day & the dark: Please send in personal accounts of daily routines (whether indulgent or not) can include a product they enjoy using at a particular time of the day, an activity they do every day, morning/evening routine, or even meal plans.
      • Recipe of the day: quick and simple recipes for any meal or snack of the day
      • What’s In your Pantry: building a pantry, efficient shopping, substitutions
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