Personal Training

by Robb Armstrong
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eLifestyle's eTransformation 12-Week Online Weight Loss

eLifestyle's eTransformation 12-Week Online Weight Loss

easy to follow

9.0 /10

Personal coaching

10.0 /10

Personal Training

10.0 /10

Reached my Goal

9.0 /10


8.0 /10


  • learn to eat right
  • gain muscle
  • melt fat
  • feel heatlhier


  • need to really commit
  • need to learn how to gadge portions
  • didn't find it sooner

eLifestyle’s Personal Trainers come conveniently to your home and can provide any necessary equipment or work with your own.

Their customized one-on-one model uniquely provides individuals with the training, education and motivation to produce steady and sustainable results. eLifestyle programs empower individuals to make long-term health and wellness gains by avoiding the pitfalls associated with yo-yo diets and out-of-the-can fitness programs.

If the cost of Personal Training is too much of a financial commitment for you, then using eLifestyle’s popular eTransformation 12-Week Online Weight Loss, Exercise & Lifestyle Program will be another amazing option to help you reach your goals! Completely customized, your 12-week online program delivers a cache of valuable info on nutrition, plus weekly meal plans and shopping lists. eLifestyle also covers your fitness needs. Whether training in-home or at your local gym, also included is a custom fitness program and equipment prescription so you’ll be able to exercise within your level of comfort and expertise wherever you go.

To further guarantee you hit your goals, you’ll also receive additional help and support from the most empowering Facebook weight loss support group, plus a no-fail plan to achieve life balance — all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Best of all, you’ll receive the entire package for just $8.25 per week!

eLifestyle is dedicated to providing a unique combination of compassion, education and motivation to develop sustainable healthy eating, exercise, and stress-reduction habits. So get ready to get fit, feel great and change your life. Remember; the thrill of success is far better than the pain of regret!

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