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Exercising during Pregnancy

Prenatal workout tips!

by Robb Armstrong
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ELifestyle’s Robb Armstrong has helped me tremendously in my transformation to a super fit healthy mommy and I would like to share my wonderful experience with all the savvy mom’s of PINK & BLUE. In today’s post, I want to share tips on exercising during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an extremely delicate phase in every Mom’s life and sometimes we can get overwhelmed with information on how to take care of our bodies during this crucial period. Fortunately, Robb was kind enough to offer us some tips on how to approach exercising during this important time so that both the mom and the baby can feel healthy and well.


Robb’s 3-Pack Training Tips 

While there are many factors to consider during pregnancy, keeping tabs on how you feel as you transition from one trimester to the next is very important to your well-being. Here are but a few factors to consider as they relate to exercise…


If you exercise regularly


  • During the first trimester while your body is undergoing some delicate biological changes, it is key not to over-heat or become overly fatigued, as the neural tube (the embryo’s precursor to the central nervous system, comprising the brain and spinal cord) is forming.
  • To protect yourself, keep exercise to a moderate intensity. This will help you assess the ongoing changes occurring inside your body.


If you are a beginner to exercise

Note: If you haven’t trained for some time, this is NOT the time to start a new exercise routine or increase intensity.


  • Once you enter the second trimester and you’ve been given the go-ahead from your doctor, you can then start to exercise with a little more frequency. Training with free-weights is ok for women who have been working out regularly for six months prior to pregnancy, but only if they’re light.
  • To start off, we recommend regular sessions of walking at a moderate pace, ranging from 20-60 minutes each outing. Ensuring the intensity isn’t too high in the beginning will give muscles time to adjust. It will also keep your heart rate elevated for the amount of time required to keep your metabolism sparked to effectively burn calories.


Choosing the Right Weight


  • To find the proper weight to use, choose one to start with that you’re able to complete three sets of 12-15 reps with without too much effort or strain.
  • The best scenario to maximize results would be to incorporate 3-4 days of activity into your schedule.
  • Remember, drink plenty of water and eat an hour or so before each activity to be properly hydrated and equipped with a good supply of energy.


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