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Forever Freckled is a lifestyle blog created by three sisters that provide expert advice to parents in a fun and approachable way and now are bloggers for Pink & Blue Magazine. The three South Florida sisters, Katie, Alison, & Carrie, all have unique journeys and expertise as moms, sisters, daughters, wives, friends, and professionals.

Alison is a well-regarded veterinarian and business owner with an established animal hospital, mom, wife, & cook. Katie is a board certified pediatrician specializing in Pediatric ER.

Carrie is a fashion stylist who spent years in NYC in the fashion industry and has begun her own styling business. Her passion is and always will be fashion, beauty and discovering new products that work for her and her friends. She loves reinventing her wardrobe and creating new looks from pieces that she has had for years.

Join them on their journey and share their knowledge and individual passions for children, friends, fashion, pets, wellness, and fun to help parents and pet lovers with sound sisterly advice for living well.

They wanted to create a platform where parents can get real medical advice for their children and pets and pick up some great lifestyle tips as well. We hope you enjoy reading about their journeys as much as they love living them!

On Forever Freckled lives an amazing collection of knowledge and advice which the authors share with each other and their engaged readers through this all-­‐encompassing blog.

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