Nicole Bloomberg, MBA

Editor-in-Chief & Owner of Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd

As a mother of two beautiful girls, a toddler & baby. I manage a hectic work schedule, I truly try to be a balanced Mom. I was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida, I had a distinguished career as a Marketing, PR, Event Planner, Jewellery Designer, Artist, and Entrepreneur in my life before having kids. I also created my own jewellery line in which each piece had meaning and a percentage of each piece went to charity.

I am currently the founder & publisher of Pink & Blue Magazine and enjoy running it.As a true Fab Mom should, I try to balance my career and her growing family. I enjoy painting when I find the time for my relaxation, doing yoga for my mind, making jewellery, cooking for my family and friends.

I created Pink & Blue Magazine after having my beautiful daughter and realizing that their was a gap in the marketplace and their wasn't a way to connect with other mothers and exchange advice.

Starting Pink & Blue was a dream for me, I spent the last 7 years wanting to start a magazine so that I can combine my artistic talents,creativity, and entreprenurial spirit. The magazine is my way to share information, be inspired, and meet other similar motivated moms. Pink & Blue is also known for our popular Facebook group Pink & Blue in June 2011 growing at a rapid rate. Approx 17,000 members & growing weekly,connects local mothers in Toronto and the U.S. and is all the buzz. You can ask questions, give & receive advice, share stories, and inform each other of local happenings.All of the information given is strictly advice from other mothers.

Our popular Digital Parenting Magazine has articles written by our amazing experts & award winning bloggers! My passion is to grow and leverage my expertise in PR and marketing communications, as well as apply my valuable insight of the ‘Mom’ target market and marketing in and the lifestyle sector not only for the Pink & Blue Brand but, for my advertisers in order to help them grow their business.
I am a a mother which makes me understand the target Market and has allowed me to build my brand by developing key relationships and cross-promotional opportunities.Having inside knowledge of how to keep the vehicle moving so that is not only valuable to most companies it is an asset. Research has shown that moms make most of the big buying decisions for the home. Being able to relate, reach, and interacte with" Real" Moms and Women is key.

I have been active in social marketing on all levels even before it even exploded into the marketplace and ahead of the curve. This is really an exciting time in my life that is thrilling and keeps me on the edge of my seat to see where life takes me and what happens next. I am grateful to be a mother and to have Pink & Blue as another child and to watch it grow! I have a Masters in Business administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. to go with a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication Productions & Design, I have more then 10 years of industry experience with top-notch Marketing, Advertising, PR, Consulting, and Special Events. I consulted for the top builders in the city of Toronto and did PR & Events for them. I also worked with the Florida Panthers in my home city in Florida before moving to Toronto!

Editorials by: Nicole Bloomberg, MBA