Finding Mama Balance with Liana

Founder of ROCKING VIBE jewelry

by Dunsin Adebise
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How to tap into your creative intuition?

By become intuitive with my senses. I pay attention to the times where I am in the flow and the environment I am in. For example I know that piano music, ESPECIALLY Ludovico Einaudi allows my mind to wonder deep, I know that being in nature makes me feel save, and I know that the smell of citrus brings smile to my face. So when I need to be creative I recreate the environment that my creativity thrives in.

How do you use your creativity to make (profit)$$$?

In my designs I express myself. I feel like I am writing a book – my story, through my jewelry. I express moments, ideas, and goals with my creativity through images and jewelry.

How do you add value to material things?

I have always believed that THINGS can be a powerful token. A bridge to bring mindfulness into our world. So with my jewelry I add intention to each piece and that allows my customer to connect with the material world in a  more meaningful way beyond a fashion statement.

How did you come up with your business name – Rocking Vibe?

Jewelry has always been a passion of mine and looking back although the though of starting a jewelry line never entered my mind until the right moment – once it did there was no turning back. From the first time I thought to myself I should start a jewelry line it was a done deal. The name represents the main part of my jewelry (crystal and rocks) and the reason why it is the main part of the jewelry (vibrations they provide). It kind of flowed together in an instance and was the only name that I considered.

How do you find mama balance?

I don’t find it I choose it. Each morning I work hard in creating a life that I can look back at and say “I didn’t sell out for a dollar.” I prioritize time with kids and I also know that those family moments contribute more to my success than sitting at my computer for hrs. do. The clarity I get from being around my family fuels my business.

What are your favorite crystals?

Clear quarts. There is something so pure and powerful about it.  If you have never had a crystal I encourage you to start with a clear quarts and discover for yourself the magic it holds 😉

How do you find joy in your life doing what you love?

I reflect on moments. I pause a lot through out the day and give gratitude. I start each day knowing that I am exactly where I need to be and that I have everything I need. Almost like a mantra. I accept the struggles as stepping stones and I am constantly learning and working towards going with the flow of life.

Other advice for other moms or mom bosses?

Find opportunities to love where you are. To accept the chaos,  the tiredness, the setbacks. Its all part of the plan. Start a gratitude practice and a morning ritual that sets your day up for success no matter what it has in stores. I love the 5 minute gratitude journal and “TUT – the notes from the Universe” emails.

Why do you need to follow your intuition and be mindful to flow through the chaos of life?

Because it is the best way to find out who you are and why you are here. Somewhere deep inside there is an answer and we all need to uncover it!

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