Get Fit & Boost your Confidence- Tips on how to deal with Muscle Soreness!

Nicole’s Workout with trainer Robb Armstrong of eLifestyle-Tips on how to deal with muscle soreness

by Robb Armstrong
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I will be sharing my trainer’s Robb Armstrong owner of eLifestyle, Fit tips for our readers to gain the best fitness and wellness living tips every week.  In today’s post, I will share 8 ways to boost your confidence that will have you feeling your very best…

Hey P& readers! I am still on my journey to achieving my post baby bod! It takes determination, work, and consistency like all things. My fat is slowly transforming into muscle. As you know, muscle weighs more then fat, so I don’t concentrate on numbers on the scale. My main focus is how I feel, if my clothes fit better and, and my energy level.

The main thing is that I am getting stronger and healthier then I have been ever been! That is a HUGE statement coming from someone with health issues. I haven’t been able to workout in almost 4 years and I finally can and it feels amazing. My main motivation is not to be a skinny supermodel, which would be nice but, it is to be the healthiest mom for my kids and to set a good example on proper diet, rest, & nutrition.

The point of me sharing my weightloss & get fit challenge is to help inspire our readers. The most important thing is to love the skin your in. I am not saying that any body type or being skinny is beautiful You define what is beautiful! But, the most beautiful thing is self-confidence. Whether your life goals include getting the best job, loving your body, embracing your tiger strips,  being super mom or even having it all, having a healthy sense of confidence is a must!

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world! To have the energy & emotional energy to deal with what life throws at us we must take care of ourselves. It can be compared to putting the safety mask on the airplane on yourself before your kids. You have to take care of YOU, otherwise you will be too burnt out to take care of them!

We want you to feel your best. One of the best ways to accompolish this is by working out & eating healthy. We want you to trust yourself and to have faith in yourself. These qualities will propel you to be the best mom you can & be able to deal with whatever your kids throw at you.

Confidence plays a big role in living your happiest life and today we’re sharing ways to elevate that sense of self worth.Activate that core

Here are a few things you can start to do today:

1. Smile

2.Listen to music

3. Walk with confidence. Remember you are fierce & confident!

4. Be positive & stop complaining

5. Dress up!

6, Eat right & break a sweat

7. Set goals and work your way to achieve them…

8. Love yourself and set time for yourself, do the things you love and have that child sense of fun again. ZEST FOR LIFE!

With the good weather moving in, there’s plenty of incentive to work at recovering your pre-baby hot bod while living a post-baby lifestyle! And because you’ll be amping up your intensity, here’s today’s how-to’s for knowing how to assess muscle soreness post-exercise.

Here are my trainer Robb Armstrong’s tips from eLifestyle

 Distinguishing Between Good and Bad Muscle Pain

Some fitness fanatics tend to look at pain as the goal marker that tells them they’ve pushed themselves to the max. This “No pain, no gain” philosophy can be a little misleading, however.


  • As with any training program, when it comes to pushing towards making gains, the words should more aptly be said; “No fatigue, no gain” because you are trying to exhaust your muscles, not cause damage.
  • You must note that microscopic tearing is good (actual tearing of the muscle fibers), whereas slight rearing of the muscles (inflammation of the tendons) is bad.
  • The stigma attached to exercise – if the individual doesn’t feel any pain post-exercise then it was a wasted effort – is simply not true. As long as you are pushing yourself with a good intensity and are somewhat fatigued by the end, you’re good.

Rear Shoulder Row

 Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Yes, science has the answer here too…


  • DOMS is the pain caused by the microscopic tearing of muscle fibers, and it actually allows your muscles to grow.
  • The best way to combat post-exercise soreness is adequate rest between bouts of exercise accompanied by proper nutrition.
  • Just how much rest and how many and which type of calories will depend on the intensity level and goal of the individual.
  • DOMS can be caused by: being new to working out, performed a new exercise you are not accustomed to, pushing muscles beyond their normal range of motion, performing different types of resistance contractions such as eccentric or negatives, increasing intensity, frequency or duration, aerobic or anaerobic activity.


Should You Be Sore Every Day?

Like most, going out for a social drink can be a great way to connect with others, not to mention blowing off a little steam over a stressful day. Just be aware that overindulging can possibly hinder your attempts at achieving exercise goals.


  • If you train regularly your body will adapt, thus keeping muscle soreness minimal.
  • If you are sore most days then it’s possible you may be over-training (not enough rest days between exercise) or training too hard, which can lead to injuries down the road due to over-use.

So, keep your muscle soreness in check and you’ll be pushing yourself safely toward new fitness gains!

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