Gluten Free Pancakes

yummy & healthy breakfast!

by Jaymi Fillier
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Coeliac is one of the most common chronic diseases in the
world. According to health Canada, over 300,000 Canadians
are living with coeliac or a gluten intolerance. This intolerance
weakens the intestines and makes the body unable to absorb
certain nutrients like iron, calcium and folate, and vitamins A,
B12, D, E and K. Coeliac and gluten sensitivities can be very
painful to live with, causing stomach cramping, skin rashes
and weight loss among other symptoms. Children with coeliac
can also experience vomiting, growth restrictions, dental
problems, behavioral changes and delayed puberty. Though
there is no cure for celiac, its symptoms can be treated by a
gluten-free diet. This diet must be followed very strictly to
allow the intestines to heal, and the symptoms to go away. A
gluten free diet however, is not an easy one to stick with, and
the list of restricted foods is shockingly long. Bread, croutons,
baked goods, pasta, and oatmeal are all, not surprisingly, off
limits, along with some foods you wouldn’t think of such as
soy sauce, hot dogs, and licorice. With gluten hiding in plain
sight all over your grocery store shelves, it can become quite
frustrating to find foods that a gluten free family member can
actually enjoy.
The easiest way to make sure your food is gluten free, is to make
it from scratch, so you know exactly what goes into it. It’s also a
much more economical way to eat, and offers a lot more variety.
Using simple substitutions, almost any comfort foods your family
love can be made gluten free. Try switching out your spaghetti
noodles for spaghetti squash, or your lasagna noodles for
zucchini, for great tasting pasta dishes that not only eliminates
gluten, but are light in carbohydrates and heavy in nutrients.
Switching out the flour in your recipes is another option. Coconut
flour is readily available and makes a great substitute, and
what you lose in gluten, you more than gain in added fibre and
protein. It also has a slight taste of coconut which can really add
something special to your baked goods. Try this super simple
pancake recipe made with just four ingredients and you may
never go back to pre-made mix again.
Chocolate Banana Pancakes:
Makes about 20 small pancakes
2 large overripe bananas
4 eggs
4 tbsp coconut flour
¾ cup chocolate chips
Mash the bananas and eggs until there are no lumps. Add flour and chocolate
chips and stir until combined. Heat a tbsp. of butter in a non-stick skillet
and pour in a dollop of the mix, cook for about two minutes per side. These
pancakes are flimsier than normal, so be careful when flipping. Enjoy
Although a celiac diagnosis can seem daunting, with a little knowledge of
ingredients and a willingness to try
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