How I got my baby to sleep & sleep consultants advice!

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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EVA KLEIN-Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

EVA KLEIN-Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Got my baby to sleep!
  • Developed Sleep Schedule
  • Supportive


  • You have to stick to plan for it to work!

My baby Sienna wouldn’t sleep through the night and we were at wits end. So we decided to reach out to Eva Klein, she is a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant through the International Maternity Institute and the founder of My Sleeping Baby.

Eva thoroughly investigated everything about Sienna from what she ate, her surroundings, how stimulated she is, the lighting in her room, the temperture of her room, and basically everything that occurs over a 24 hour period in the life of my baby. Then, she created a customized, detailed, step-by-step sleep plan that is tailored to my baby’s individual sleep challenges, my family’s needs, and my parenting philosophy, and she show continued support as we implemented our plan.

My husband and I loved her holistic approach & how her assessment was so thorough.

In the end, Sienna is now sleeping through the night! We had some challenges because she was getting sick often from my older one bringing things home from school and teething etc.

In addition, Eva made it very clear that for at least 2 weeks you need to be on a schedule and it is very hard to train a tired baby if she is not getting her full naps in and going to bed at bedtime. To get a consisitent sleeping baby you need to stick to the plan is the bottom line.
Eva was honestly amazing and helped us and checked in throughout our sleep training journey!!

I would highly recommend using her!

See an example of her sleep plan attached…


Eva Klein, JD
Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant
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