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by Dunsin Adebise
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Summer is for drawing friends closer! Hippie Salad Night presents an altar of greens, dressings and delicious toppings. There’s a fair amount of shopping and prep involved but its worth it because more time is spent with friends during the actual event!


Fill two large bowls with washed and dried lettuces – Boston, Bibb, Kale, and Arugula (a range from light to darker variety)


Set out your toppings. Create the salad bar of your dreams!!! Don’t forget to balance tastes, something sweet and something salty. There are so many OPTIONS to pick from! Some examples are listed below.

Pepitas, toasted for Berbere Sprouts and microgreens Roasted Chickpea Croutons Nutritional Yeast
Tamari almonds Steamed broccoli Tomatoes So-Many-Seeds Crackers
Apples, sliced and soaked in  lemon juice Hemp seeds Shredded Cabbage Cooked brown rice, millet or quinoa
Sauerkraut Sunflower Seeds Avocados Cashew Quark

OPTIONAL : Add a board of gluten-free bread and crackers with a side of ghee. Also, a pretty little dish of Himalayan pink salt.


Dressing time! You can use any of your fav dressings but we have an interesting one if you’re up to try!

Miso Dressing (Asian inspired) – In a small bowl, whisk together miso, lemon juice, sesame oil, ginger. Add in some olive oil and water to make the dressing more pourable! You can also do this in a blender.


If you’ve tried this recipe and have some combos or secrets that makes it even more awesome, let us know!

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