How to Calm Your Crying Baby

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Don’t know what to do when your baby is crying. Feel like nothing is going to work. here are some tips to help calm the little one and give your tired ears and a break.

Feed the Baby
Change their diaper
Rock the baby
Rock them in the bucket and swing side to side ( I wasn’t stront enough)
Running Water- Worked for me everytime!
Car Ride- The best thing ever…
Take them with you wherever you go
Snugli-Give them a litte snuggle time
Patting & Rubbing their back
Walking back and forth
Swing them in your arms
Change of scenery
Sounds-shhh, talking, singing, music
Put your finger in his/her mouth
Bouncy Chair
Bounce on an exercise ball holding them-Great Idea!
Bath to soothe them
Massage their belly to get gas out
Quiet-They might be overstimulated
Give to someone else like your mom for an hour or other half

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