How to shop successfully off the sale rack this summer!

Shop Smart & Save…

by Ofra Nissani
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Here’s the thing about trends.  They can’t stay trendy for long, and they may not be a hit right away.  It takes time for a trend to emerge, progress, pace itself on the market, and then slowly fade out.

In the meantime, there are sale racks that carry these trends from infancy through to the end of their market life stage.  For instance, if you see a hot new trend emerging in fashion magazines, and can not justify paying full price until it picks up speed, July is the time to hit the sale racks for that find.

You have a greater chance of finding your size, the sale is enticing enough to draw you in, and you still have about 3 months left (give or take an Indian summer) to wear it.

What’s also nice is that you can find that item in neutral colours that never go out of style.  Often times when a trend gets trendier and trendier, designers tend to change textures, patterns, and colours to extend its shelf life to the public.

After a few years on the market, people start requesting trends with simplicity.  No dramatic colours, not cut outs, or patterns etc.  By buying an emerging trend off the sale rack, you can buy it at that simple original stage.  Usually offering the most versatility.

Your size can also lead to success off the sale rack.  We all favour certain shops for various reasons.  This time of year is the time to start walking into stores you wouldn’t normally walk into.   Those stores may have tried a new line for the season that was a miss to their regular clientelle, but a could be a hit for you.

Distinguishing what kind of market a boutique caters to, can help you determine if there are successful sale pieces on their sale rack.  If they cater to slightly larger women, then thier smaller sizes will more likely end up on their sale racks.

If they are a store that caters to classic office wear, then chances are, you will have a far better chance of finding trendier prints off the sale rack.

So next time you’re out with the stroller and killing some time…take a gander and peruse the sale sections of the most unlikely stores.  You never know what you might find.

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