Interview with Erin Avramidis

Arbonne Independent Consultant, Speech Pathologist, and Mother of Two

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Tell us about you- who are you?

I am a mama of two, Speech Pathologist, lover of fitness and nutrition and all things healthy for the entire family. I am also an Arbonne Independent Consultant as I fell in love with their line and had to share it with my friends and family.

What is your household like? BUSY!

As most moms and dads are, we are nonstop.  Early risers in our house and busy active kids.  Meal planning is key so we have healthy snacks ready at all times and meals can be on the table easily.

What are your 5 pantry essentials?

Eeek only five?  Coconut oil, maple syrup, beans, quinoa, almond flour….but I have so many more staples and favourites!

What does “eating right” mean to you?

It’s a balance.  I don’t go to extremes with being paleo or vegan.  I want my kids eating a well balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, healthy fats and proteins and whole grains.

Tell us a bit about your grocery shopping habits.

I meal plan on the weekend and make a grocery list (Paprika app is amazing).  I try to only go to one grocery store and usually our local butcher for meats.  I TRY to only grocery shop once a week but sometimes I have to make a second trip mid week because I either forgot something or we ran out of an item sooner than anticipated.

Tell us a bit about your eating out habits. 

We do eat out!  Everything in moderation as I said.  I do like getting healthy meals at organic or vegan restaurants or cafes, but I also do get burgers and pizza on occasion.

When cooking at home, is eating organic fruits and vegetables, and eating farm raised antibiotic free meats important? 

Yes, I definitely buy the dirty dozen items, and dairy organic.  For meat I ensure there are no hormones or antibiotics but don’t always buy organic.

 What tips would you give parents or think they should know and pass down to their kids in terms of nutrition and cooking?

Modelling is key!  Eat healthy snacks and meals in front of your kids.  Don’t pressure or bribe them to eat the healthy items as they will likely do the opposite.  Involve them in the cooking and make it fun!

 What should parents do if their kids refuse to eat veggies or healthy foods and only want staple “kid’s foods” like chicken nuggets & fries, and mac n cheese?

Why is this, all of the behaviours around that. As I mentioned above, I try not to bribe or pressure my kids to eat what I am eating.  I always have something they will eat at the table (Danielle Binns has great advice for picky eaters) but always offer all the other items at the table.  If they eat it great, if not they can have their “safe” food.  More so than not, they will eat what we are eating.  Making sure my kids don’t snack continuously throughout the day is key too, otherwise they aren’t hungry for their meals.

What is your fav recipe?

What do you usually cook for you and your family? My favourite at the moment is quinoa breakfast cookies!! So so good and everyone I share the recipe with loves it too!  Family favourite!

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