Jan Shares her nutrition, grocery shopping, and pantry essentials!

First time mom tells it as it is

by Dunsin Adebise
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Tell us about you

 • My name is Jan, I am a 29 year old female. I am married for 2 years and 3 months with a loving husband name Francis. I am a full-time wife and a mother right now for a year till I get back to work next year March. I worked as a PSW and pursuing my nursing career this September. I live in a beautiful quiet place in pickering.
• I love doing crafts, it’s either I just look for some old stuff or unused stuff at home and do my own diy projects (decorating). I am a cheapskate type of person (being practical) now that I am a mother and having some personal obligations in life, I’d rather save than to spend but sometimes you can’t help to spend when you are tempted to. I am a very organize person (OC), I am having anxiety when I feel like I did not clean or put the stuff back where it should be. I love going out, trying to be adventurous and spending the most out of the weather.
• My husband and My friends say I am a very nice and kind person, but it’s their opinion. My attitude is base on how people treat me. I am a reflection of what other people show me. I am too sensitive with things around me specially the words that being thrown back at me. I cry easily and get mad badly but when I burst out of anger I cry and try to control my emotions.

 Can you describe your philosophy in parenting

• Now that I am a parent with my first baby, I am so into money, I have to be practical, I have to be useful with everything, I have to recycle, reuse and recreate stuff. I ask my friends for the hand-me-down things and use the money for buying my daughter’s milk and diapers. I join lots of online freebies and stuff. I do buy and sell with the things that we don’t need and extra’s. Being a parent is hard, we have to take care of our child not only our husband. We can even forget taking care of ourself because our little ones need is important than ours. I am deprived of sleep, I eat faster than what I am used to before. The routine have change, I only bring my phone and wallet before but now I have to bring tons and tons of baby stuff. The only thing that is stucked in my mind is “I am my daughter’s everything, I am her life”

What are your 5 pantry essentials

• Similac Ready-to-feed milk ( 8 x 59ml ) – when my baby is not satisfied with my breastmilk I have to supplement her with this formula, besides from having a baby brezza at home that will automatically blend water and formula, this is the easiest way to satisfy her hunger.
• Homemade lactation cookies (3-4 cookies/day) – when I feel hungry and I am trying to lose weight w/o losing my milk, this is what I eat.
• Similac Mom supplement – Sometimes I don’t get the chance to eat enough food and nutrients that my body needs and my baby is breastfed so this is one way to keep my body supplied with its needs.
• Postnatal vitamins – with need a little bit more than what we are taking and because I am breastfeeding I need more of what my body is having before
• Moringa, Milk tea, Oats – my everyday morning food, these helps me boost my milk and it’s healthy as well

Tell us a bit about your grocery shopping habits.

• First I have to make a list of what I need at home, my husbands and my baby’s needs.
• then, I have to check the price online, I use Flipp, clipping the sale items and price matching.
• I am a cheapskate person so I use coupons and cheques
• I only buy what we need, I don’t buy bulk specially with diapers, baby grows so fast they change sizes and with milk my doctor gives me small cans as well as her vitamins.
• when I see a coupon I don’t use it instead I post it on a marketing page and trade it foe what I need

 What tips would you give parents or think they should know and pass down to their kids in terms of nutrition and cooking

• Be a good example, let them see and observe on how and what you eat on daily basis, be the first one to teach them what should and what should not, baby’s and kids tends to like candies because sometime it’s just the color that attracts them. Then why don’t we put some color at home, make your own popsicle and ice cream add a little bit fun to it by asking them to create those kind of food with you. It is also one way to enhance their ability to be responsible, creative and smarter. Baby’s and kids are curious in everything so instead of only telling them what you are doing then involve them in everything with precautions and well guidance.
• My nieces & nephew loves popsicle but its too much sugar, so by the time my daughter will be able to eat those kind of food id rather make time and create my own like avocado popsicle, or if I can’t I will control their cravings foe bad food.
• let’s make sure we give them enough nutrients, supplementing doesn’t have to come from a bottle, it comes from your hands and time. Create and bond with them. Eat happy and healthy together.
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