Lindsay Saul & Genna, 3 1/2 months

Shares her thoughts on being a new mom and being fit

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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So You’re a new mom, how have you settled into motherhood.  In what ways has motherhood changed you?

 I love it, nothing can really prepare you for the emotions of giving birth and having a child. It is beyond euphoria, and even still, I can’t believe that I created her. It is so incredible that is so hard to believe. I learned to be very patient, where before I wasn’t patient at all. I learned to be more excepting then ever and everything is the way it is supposed to be.

As a mom what do you do to de-stress? Do you have any go-to spots?

I workout and enjoy long walks on the beach. To de-stress, I take hot bubble baths & treat myself to a massage. Once in awhile I indulge in some retail therapy!

And how do you stay so fit?

I walk every where, I rarely use a car. I use portion control when I eat, but I  eat & drink what I want.  The key is to drinking lots of water, I drink at least a litre of water a day. I do 100 sit ups every day & 25 squats!

What your fav thing about being a mom or most surprising thing? 

For sure, the “Cuddles” is my favourite thing. The most surprising thing about being a mom is that everyday there is something new like, a new look, a new gesture, a new movement, a new expression, and a new euphoria that comes along with it!

Did you have any go-to favourite pieces? Fav things in your closet?

My new jogging jeans by diesel, I literally live in them & a black t-shirt from Aritizia. Most of the time when I go out, I am in athletic wear because I walk every where.

What are your favorite children’s wear brands or how do you choose to dress your baby? 

As girly as possible, I really like all the brands, I don’t care about the brands so much. Its more about how it looks and feels.

What about beauty routine? Any favorite products? 

I use all Kiehl products on my face. I use a Cover Girl BB cream & a loose powder from Laurier Mercier with YSL mascara, Nars blush, YSL le touché éclat highlighter, & Mac shimmer powder.

Can you share any beauty and skin care tips for moms? 

Always wash your face before bed, use a brightening cream, and pull your hair away from your face.

What was your day-to-day look during your pregnancy?

Same as now, maternity jeans & simple black sweater.

What is your go to staple items in your pantry? 

Peanut butter, honey, tortilla wraps, sliced turkey, kraft singles.

What do you usually cook for you and your family? 

Roasted organic chicken, brown rice, salads, drums & thighs baked southern style.

 What is your fav recipe?

Over Roasted Chicken recipe & Southern Fried Chicken ( but baked), Fajitas.

 Can you share with us your beauty routine during your pregnancy?

Same as now!

Do you have any favourite beauty products or fragrances? 

Favourite fragrance is Jo Malone.

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