image supplied by Karen Kramer that we interviewed!


IN THE DAY/ IN THE DARK-Interview with Karen Kramer of BabyDroollery

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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milk-logoEssentially the question is “What is something special you do on a daily or nightly basis? Could be with your kids, or alone. What is that little thing you do that brings pleasure to your life?” Or It could be Fashion and how you transition morning to night beauty or fashion pieces like work to night mode etc.


 How do you guys enjoy spending time together as a family?

A new found love this summer was going Kayaking together as a family.  Typically on Saturday mornings after breakfast we hit the lake and go for a paddle. Corey sits in the kayak with either my husband or I and away we go!

What are some benefits of raising kids in the city? And any challenges?

Raising a child in the city is an amazing opportunity.  We get to take part in so many great festivals and activities that you don’t get outside of a big metropolitan city.  From museums, to concerts, there is always something to do each day of the week!

What is your daytime style?

My daytime style – leggings, t-shirt, and messy bun!

Who are some moms you are inspired by?

Aside from my mom, and mother in law, I look to my mommy friends because we have all had so many different experiences and have learned from each other’s successes and mis-steps. 

What are some of your favourite kids clothing brands or shops?

I definitely love GAP clothing for my little guy… but I try to support other local moms when I find them!  They are amazing quality and unique! Can’t beat handmade gear made in Canada!

 What is your beauty routine? What are your fav products for you and your kids?

Beauty routine…. Hahaha! Hmm wash, and go!  I do use the Live Clean brand though for both myself and Corey.  Smells delicious and works wonders in a natural way!

What have you learned from your kids? What do you hope they learn from you?

Corey has taught me to smile and just live!  Watching his grow and learn is indescribable and goes by way TOO FAST.  Everyday is something new and his smile is infectious.  You can’t not smile when being with him (even when he’s being mischievous).  I hope that Corey grows up to learn how to be an empathetic and fun loving human.  It is important to understand others feelings and think of others and not just yourself sometimes.

You are known as a stylish mom–do you recall your pregnancy looks? It’s so hard to dress when pregnant!

What kind of Diaper bag did you use? Did you change them up? Can we see pics?

My diaper bag is a Kate Spade – love her simplistic design and colours. It is big and has tons of pockets to hold everything!   I do also have the quick SkipHop clutch for the on the go days – which is such an amazing tool. A quick little clutch that carries the essentials – wipes, diapers and a change mat.

How do you transition from day to night?

I definitely have my “grown up” bags for going out without Corey.  Time to separate the diapers from the diamonds.  I can easily switch my gear over to a different purse!

What is your makeup look for day & night?  Fav makeup?

My make up routine is very very simple.  Some cover up when needed and mascara during the day.  Sometimes I am adventurous and put a bit of eyeliner too!

When I do get to go out at night – I venture into my Clinique make up!  I love purples for my choice of shadows along with my plum eyeliner!  My eyes are definitely my go to feature – so dressing them up is the one thing I focus on!


What are your weekends like?

Weekends are all about family time!  We always try to do something together… from grocery shopping, to playing at the park or going to the cottage.  After Corey goes to bed, it’s either time to sew (for BabyDroollery) , prepping for school, or enjoying time with the hubby!

What do you and your husband do for fun?

image supplied by Karen Kramer that we interviewed!

When my hubby and I get out on our own, we love to go for dinners.  Going to different restaurants (as much as I am a picky eater) and trying out what’s new in the city.  

What do you do for girls night?

image supplied by Karen Kramer that we interviewed!Girls night out definitely includes some wine and good chatter.  Doesn’t matter where or when!

What do you do as a family?

As a family, we  love to go for walks.  Now that Corey is on the move, it can be a bit harder to keep him on the path but it’s great to be outside as much as possible!

Whats your look for evenings? What is your fav brands?

As soon as I get home from work and we are in for the night… the PJs come out!  Unless I am going out for the evening, an old university t-shirt and a pair flannel pants is my go too!  Oh and who can forget a BabyDroollery headband to keep the hair up and off my face/neck!

How did motherhood change your lifestyle?

It is definitely not about me, me, me anymore like it used to be.  Being able to jump at a moments notice doesn’t happen anymore… which I am ok with.  I now want to involve Corey in all aspects of my life.  Doing things with him is so much fun then leaving him with a baby sitter.  Of course there are times for adults without children, but I just love seeing him interact with children of my friends.  I guess it’s like seeing the next generation growing together! 

What has surprised you the most about motherhood?

What took me most by surprise was how you can love someone so much!! Having a little one makes your heart even bigger and more full than ever before.  You really don’t get it until you have a child of your own!

Do you have a favourite room in your house or nursery? ( Can you share pictures and tell us why, will most likely be in a separate interview piece)

YES!! The nursery for Corey is by far one of my favourite rooms – I designed it myself and have put in all the hard work into all the elements.  When we didn’t know what we were having (girl or boy), I chose the grey/white/yellow colour scheme with a hit of geometrics.  I was going to add accents of navy but I just fell in love with how it came out!


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