MILK (mom I’d like to know)

interview with Dr. Katie Friedman

by Paisley Hood
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Can you describe your parenting philosophy?

I wouldn’t say there is a parenting philosophy that I necessarily identify myself with. I think parenting is an intense game of trial and error. You have to try on many different things before you find what works for you and your family. If I were to be forced to make a decision, I would say that my husband and I practice a modified version of attachment parenting. My priority as a mother, is that my children always feel loved and supported and that all of their emotional needs are met. However, as important as attachment and relationship building is, I think it is equally important to promote independent thinking and decision making. A lot of our teachings are rooted in respect and tolerance for others and independent decision making.

 How important is it to you to be a “working mom”? Additionally, how do you all manage both work and home life?

I am an Emergency Room doctor, so I am very lucky in that I am truly able to have the best of both worlds. Most of my shifts start in the mid-afternoon, so I am able to wake up with my children every morning and usually pick them up from school before heading to work. I love being a working mom! I think that being a mom whether a “working mom” or a “stay at home mom” is a balancing act. It is important to remember that your happiness is as important as your families and feeling a sense of balance will allow you to be the best mom you can be.

 If you could relay a message to all parents on Pink&Blue, in regards to parenting, what would it be?

Today there is so much pressure placed on parenting and the decisions that we make. I think it is so important to stay true to your instincts and understand that there is not a one size fits all when it comes to parenting. There is no one that knows your child and what is going to work and not work for him or her better than you!

 How has parenthood changed you as a person and for the better? 

I think parenthood is an immediate lesson in patience and selflessness. It has changed me in so many ways but I think the most profound change is actually in the way that I practice pediatric medicine. I can now truly empathize with my parents. When a mom tells me she has been up all night with her sick child, I have been there and truly want to help her through it. One of the reason we created Forever Freckled is so that we have a platform to guide parents through the obstacles of parenthood, with not only our medical backgrounds but also our personal experiences as well.

 Has motherhood affected your view on your own personal style?

Whether it be your clothes, beauty routine, or even self-esteem, I had a really tough time transitioning into to motherhood in regards to style. I wanted to still feel sexy but struggled with what was appropriate now that I was a mother. Luckily for me, I had my sister, Carrie, to help me with this and any other fashion challenges I face. It honestly is like having a personal stylist. She has an amazing ability of helping you find your sexiness in an appropriate and edgy way. Our readers, absolutely love her segments!

 What is the best parenting advice you would pass on to Carrie or other new expecting moms?

Take it day by day and try not to get overwhelmed. I think that especially in the beginning, you have a thousand different people telling you what need to do and how you need to do it. It can become extremely stressful. Remember stick to your instinct and try to remain calm. Babies can sense your emotions. I would recommend to all new moms, try to sleep when your baby is sleeping. Sleep deprivation directly affects your emotional health. When the baby naps, you should nap!

 What is your favorite thing about being sisters or why your relationships are so special?

Our favorite thing about being sisters is that no matter what you always have a best friend to ask advice from. Life is filled with obstacles and having someone to help guide you through the hardships is invaluable. For us, sisterhood means always having someone to share in overcoming the challenges and celebrating the joys of life.

Why did you start Forever Freckled?

Unfortunately, in the world of medicine today, whether pediatric or veterinarian, time is always a limiting factor. As doctors, we know the importance of education, but are forced to focus on fast visit times and number of patients seen. We saw a huge need to bring education back into medicine. We wanted to create a platform where parents could come to get real medical advice for their children and pets and pick up some great lifestyle tips along the way.

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