image supplied by Karen Kramer that we interviewed!


Interview with Karen Kramer of BabyDroollery

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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1.  Can you describe your parenting philosophy?

As a first time mom I am still trying to figure out my parenting philosophy.  As Corey changes so does my philosophy.  Overall, I am a go with the flow type of parent.  As a family, we have been on the go and haven’t held back because of a new addition to the family.  He has become a part of our exciting lives and we love him to pieces!

2. What are some specific ideals that help manage your family?
– What works for you?   Having routine while some flexibility are keys to having an awesome family!
-What doesn’t work?

Trying to do too many things at one time… family comes first!

3. How do you engage your child(ren) with the community (and activities you do etc.)  As a new mom, I have dived right into as many programs as I could while off on maternity leave.  We are always out and about versus sitting at home.

image supplied by Karen Kramer that we interviewed!

4.  Favourite thing about your child? Corey has been such a flexible easy going little man! No matter what we are doing he adapts and sleeps and eats when he needs to and laughs, giggles and plays for the rest of the time. That an he

5.   How important is it to you to be a ‘working mom’ ADDITIONALLY, how do you all manage both work and home life?

I am the type of person that does better when she is busy, so being a working mom just makes me do everything better!  I like having goals in all areas of my life, family, friends and work.  Most of my BabyDroollery work happens during nap times and after my little guy goes to bed.  Once I head back to my full time job as a teacher in September, I will have to not only manage teaching and family life, but now the addition of my own business, BabyDroollery.  This I know will be a challenge at first, but as I get used to my new lifestyle everything will fall into place! I know it!

6.   If you could relay a message to all parents on Pink&Blue, in regards to parenting, what would it be?  You cannot compare your child with others.  Listen to opinions and listen to your gut!
7.   Has motherhood affected your view on your own personal style? Whether it be your clothes, beauty routine, or even self esteem. – how has it changed? stayed the same? challenged you?

I have to say I am a victim to yoga pants and leggings, with zip ups and t-shirts.  They are quick and easy to put on and allow me to keep up with a busy toddler no matter what we are doing.  As for my hair/beauty routine, I was very simplistic before having a little one, so not much has changed.  Who doesn’t love a messy bun, ponytail or a great headband!

image supplied by Karen Kramer that we interviewed
8.   How has becoming a parent affect your view on life itself, and more importantly your own life?

Having a little one in my life now has completely changed my view on life and my own.  Corey is my world and I see everything now as a mother.  I am even more emotional then I was before and it gets stronger and stronger as I age.  Life is precious and way too short.  You have to indulge in every moment!

9. What did you do before having kids? Were you always into fashion & creative?

After graduating from university/further post graduate education, I became a corporate event planner for an agency in downtown Toronto.  This was definitely one of my life passions and still is to this day.  After a few years in the industry I rediscovered another passion of working with children and went back to school to get my teaching accreditation.  A year later, I transitioned to teaching full time and haven’t turned back!  Working with children has always been a passion of mine and I look forward to my ‘9-5; every day!
10. Why did you start BabyDroollery? What was your inspiration?

Do you draw from work to help you parenting and vice versa?

So BabyDroollery came about when my little guy started needing to wear bibs more frequently, because of drool and putting everything in his mouth.  I went to stores and bought some, they were too small and ineffective.  I went online and they were too expensive.  So I took out my sewing machine and gave it a try.  With my first bib complete, I couldn’t wait to get it on Corey.  With pictures posted to Facebook/Instagram, people we filled with positive comments and feedback on the look that I made a few more and gave them to friends and family to try out.  This quickly turned to “You should sell these!” and that’s when my Etsy shop opened.  This is a great source to show off my product and reach a large audience but then I started my own Facebook and Instagram page so that I could control my posts and connect directly with my customers.  This allows for a more personal touch where customers can show off their little munchkins and their Droollery! 

image supplied by Karen Kramer that we interviewed!

11. What is the hardest part about having your own business? What are your favourite pieces?

The hardest part of having my own business is that I am the business.  It is a 1 woman show and I AM that 1 woman.  So from sourcing fabrics, to pattern design, to cutting/sewing and shipping, it is all done by me.  While on maternity leave it was pretty manageable, however, now going back to work I am working on scheduling myself to have a balance so that everything can get accomplished while spending the maximum amount of time with my family!

image supplied by Karen Kramer that we interviewed!

I started off creating my bibdanas and they are my favrouite accessories. Having a boy, these are the perfect accessory and Corey is always wearing one no matter what the outfit or occasion
12. What was being on Marilyn Dennis show like or why were you on the show, what did they help you with?

Being on The Marilyn Show was a once in a lifetime experience.  As a new mompreneur, I applied to casting looking for moms in business looking for advice.  After questionnaires and interviews,the camera crew was at my house filming the backstory to BabyDroollery and a few days later I was on national LIVE television!  Presenting a pitch for the first time ever on live television to 3 well known business gurus, including Kevin O’Leary and Aaron Krause was nerve racking but, rewarding.  Hearing specific advice from business experts is priceless and having is directed towards BabyDroollery was invaluable.
15. What advice would you give other moms?
Not everyone is a multi-tasker, but if you have a passion or hobby don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and follow your dreams.  Having a child shouldn’t stop plans but make your plans even more awesome!

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