#MILKTUESDAY with Dana Solomon

Dishes on what’s in her Prada Diaper Bag

by Dunsin Adebise
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Tell us about you- who are you? What is your occupation? How many kids do you have? What is your household like?

I am an interior designer and my husband is an architect.  We have a beautiful daughter that will be three years old in September.  We live in Summerhill Toronto. We also have a beautiful weimaraner dog so it is a busy home.

What are the essentials in your bag?

The essentials are sunscreen, change of clothes, water bottle, diapers and wipes, and hand sanitizer.

What are the most frivolous items you have seen in a diaper bag?

I splurged on my Prada diaper bag.

What should new mom’s make sure they have on hand at all times?

I always had snacks, a swaddle blanket, and spare clothing.

Now that you are a mom, do you still bring a purse with you?

I always have a purse, though sizing has changed.  A wallet on a chain is the best purchase when you are on the go!

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