New Diaper Genie® Elite from Playtex Baby

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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New Diaper Genie® Elite from Playtex Baby

New Diaper Genie® Elite from Playtex Baby

Easy diaper disposal

9.3 /10

Keeps smells out

8.9 /10

Changing bag

8.4 /10


  • Easy diaper disposal
  • Keeps smells out
  • Changing bag
  • Love the colour!


  • Refills are costly
  • Requires special bags
  • Requires special carbon fillers

How many diapers do you think your baby goes through a day, a week, a month, a year? Did you know that in their first three years, the average baby soils 9,600 diapers?

The new Diaper Genie® Elite holds up to 270 diapers and you can buy refills in multi-packs.

The new Diaper Genie® Elite colours, moms can select a system that is just as fun as it is functional. The new Diaper Genie® Elite pails come in a variety of fun new colours – pink, blue, grey and classic white. Of course we got it in PINK!

The Diaper Genie® Elite has made my job easier and will make every mom’s job easier! Now my baby’s nursery smells clean & fresh. I put our old one on the bottom floor so no need to run up & down the stairs.

It is a compromise between the best odor control and ease-of-use that costs the most.

Some Facts:

  • It has a built carbon filter holder that you change every 3 months that helps seal away odour protection, the Diaper Genie® Elite has mom covered.
  • Odor Absorbent Carbon Filter (Replace Minimum Every 90 Days)
  • Built-In Antimicrobial
  • With the unique Odour Lock System, a double-lock design contains germs and seals away odours.
  • A taller pail and foot pedal mean that it’s easy to juggle baby in one hand and dirty diapers in the other, allowing for easy diaper disposal.
  • Internal Childproof Bag Cutter
  • Changing the bag has never been easier with a front-tilt pail that allows you to pull the bag through the built-in cutter and tie a knot in the bag.
  • Double Clamp
  • Tall Ergonomic Design
  • 7-Layer Odor Lock Refill Bag Holds Up to 270 Newborn Diapers (Starter Size Refill Holds 100)

The Diaper Genie® Elite is available at retailers across Canada, including Babies”R”Us and and retails for a suggested retail price of $45.99.


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3 thoughts on “New Diaper Genie® Elite from Playtex Baby

  1. Thanks for the info! I love that these keep the room smelling a lot better than a garbage can with diapers in it. I did not realize though that you had to have special bags and replace filters.

  2. Easy diaper disposal


    Keeps smells out


    Changing bag


    It’s been easier tying up and taking out these diapers in the bag vs waiting for a normal trash can to fill up and having the whole house smell. We used it for our first child but misplaced it for our second child….huge difference in terms of smells throughout the house!

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