Play Doh- Halloween Bag

Treat without the sweet!

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Play Doh- Halloween Bag (15 cans assortment)

Play Doh- Halloween Bag (15 cans assortment)

Great for giveaway for Halloween

10.0 /10

Fun to play with

10.0 /10

Easy to clean

9.0 /10

Great for travel

10.0 /10


  • Easy to clean
  • Fun to play with
  • Great to give out for Halloween
  • Treat without the sweets! ( no cavities)
  • Great for loot bags also.


  • Just make sure they don't eat it! ( haha)

Here is a great idea for halloween treats that is just as sweet! Give out an assortment of  mini Play- Doh cans for Halloween. I love these! They are not only great for Halloween but, great for on the go or travel with my kids.

What an amazing way to surprise the kids when they ring your doorbell this Halloween! Instead of giving out candy like everyone else, let your house stand out with fun size mini cans of PLAY-DOH ! Each palm-sized container holds one ounce of colorful doh that will last a lot longer then candy will.

What a great loot bag idea.

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