At what age did you switch from sleep sack to blanket?

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Here are the best answers from real moms:

1. As soon as she didn’t want to be swaddled anymore (2 months old or less) we switched to blanket.

2.Plan to keep in as long as possible! He is 2 now and the ones we have fit up to 36 months!

3.My son was 5 months when he stopped liking the sleep sack so that was it.. We switched to a blanket and he now cuddles it I between his arms he does love it near his cheek which worried me at first now he’s 7 months and won’t sleep with out it

4.Personally i’d keep them in it as long as they will take it… my DD is 25 months and will still sleep in it, I love it b/c she’s still in her crib and can’t climb out LOL… also, we tried giving her a blanket too, but every time the blanket falls off, she constantly will keep calling out “help please, help please” until we go in and put it on her LOL, we decided no blankets for now if possible haha – good luck!

5.Emily.. have sleep sacs that are 2T-3T … My daughter was out of them at 2.5 years when I moved her to a bed.

6.The footless ones. Like these:


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