Finally decided to bite the bullet and not let my 7.5 month old rely on the boob to fall asleep anymore. As I listen to her break my heart with her crying while her dad rocks her – any tips/tricks/advice from other mamas who’ve been down this road? She’s been crying for about 45 mins now and I’m having a really tough time (as I can only imagine my husband is too!)

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Blaire:  I went through this at six months. I nursed her and she would fall asleep. But then I would take her off and hold her in burping position. She would inevitably wake up. And then I would put her down. That way I knew for sure she was full. It took a week. Now I nurse, take her off, put her in her crib and she whines for less than a minute and asleep. Good luck!

Renee: She will take a bottle. You need to find one she will take. There are many options, a sippy cup. She should already be drinking from a sippy cup with her meals and snacks. I cave every time because i cherished those young moments. They are only young babies for so long then become so independent they dont even want you anymore. My heart could not take the cries of comfort. They adjust when you go to work.

Marin:  It was really, really hard for me at first too. I can only say that it will work and if it doesn’t work right now, it will eventually. Just be consistent when you do it. Our little guy loves the breastfeeding still but he goes down like a superstar and sleeps through most nights without it. He is 11 months and the happiest of kids. Good luck:)

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