REVIEW: VOLTA Cirque Du Soleil

A review of one of the greatest circus shows to hit Toronto

by Lidia Abraha
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VOLTA was bright, colourful and a very entertaining performance for my family and I. The show takes place in a circus tent with all seats having a full view of the stage. The show begins with an interactive performance in which the actors are walking through the aisles and encouraging audience participation. The energy is high and the fun begins!
Throughout the performance, one is mesmerized by the costumes, the setting and the lighting. All of these enhance the enjoyment of the show as well as highlight the specific performers. Each act is accompanied by cool music that suits the mood of the scene. The acrobatic talent is truly remarkable. There are some acrobats that walk a tight rope suspended at great height, some that are lifted through the bun in their hair, some that swing through the air on trapezes and some that climb ropes and swing ladders.
Throughout the show, you continue to be in awe of their strength and balance. The show is comprised of exceptionally talented individuals who love to entertain! Each act is different than the previous one and the background video screens and cool music provide entertainment for the audience. In fact, it is often hard to know where to look first as each act contains a plethora of dancing and acrobatics.
Overall, VOLTA was a most enjoyable show that I highly recommend. You will be entertained and in awe of the talent that is on stage.
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