September Tarostrology


by Dunsin Adebise
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It is a fun and informative way to learn where we are in life, and what can do to make the most out of it!

Dr. Lisa Marvin

Aries: Eight of Cups, Strength, King of Wands

You have been learning more about your emotional side lately. This month, make sure that you take action to feel more empowered. It’s important to try not to overpower the situation. Listen to your subtle voice within!

Taurus: Queen of Swords, Queen of Cups, Six of Wands

You have been feeling a little more bitter than you are used to lately. This month is the perfect time to practice a major emotional shift. Focus on your more positive feelings and watch how your situation changes. This is the perfect chance to see how you alone can alter the course of your day!

Gemini: Five of Cups, Fool, Five of Pentacles

You have gone through an emotionally difficult experience recently. This month, you will will feel as though you are beginning a new journey on a higher level. Go with the flow. Once you do, you will begin to regain the faith that you have recently lost!

Cancer: Knight of Swords, World, Six of Swords

You have been feeling more fearless lately. This month the world is your oyster. This is the perfect time to make  your dreams into reality and put them out into the world. Once you do, you will notice that your past negative feelings won’t get in the way!

Leo: Knight of Wands, Two of Wands, Ace of Cups

You have been feeling more creative lately. This month you will finally feel like you can express yourself in the way that you have always wanted. Doing this will create a new surge of positive experiences and feelings into your life!

Virgo: Tower, Judgement, Three of Pentacles

You have undergone a major shift in your life. Everything that you thought you knew is now beginning to shift. The changes will continue this month. Focus on staying positive and remain grounded the best you can. You are getting ready to feel as though you are on top of the world!

Libra: Page of Cups, Seven of Wands, Nine of Cups

You have been feeling as though you need to make some changes within your feelings. This month things will happen very quickly for you as you decide how you would like to move forward emotionally. You are going through an important time of letting go of old patterns!

Scorpio: Two of Swords, Four of Wands, Seven of Pentacles

You have been having more faith in yourself and your direction recently. This month is a great time to make a new personal commitment to yourself and to your future. Once you do, you will find that your path becomes more easier as obstacles seem to disappear!

Sagittarius: Page of Wands, Temperance, Death

You have been feeling a little more creative than usual. This month it is important to have patience and balance in your life. This is the perfect opportunity to let go of what’s not working, while deciding what you would like to doing in your life!

Capricorn: Empress, Sun, King of Swords

You have been feeling more connected than usual. This month is a great time to just relax and enjoy the rewards. Enjoy it while you can, you are about to start a wonderful new cycle of feeling even more inspired!

Aquarius: Eight of Pentacles, Queen of Wands, Ace of Wands

You have been working hard to master what you really want in your life. This month, keep your thoughts and feelings as balanced as you can, without letting one take over. This will help you better navigate a new creative journey that you are about the begin!

Pisces: Ten of Wands, Moon, Ten of Swords

It feels as though you have released a major burden in your life recently. This month you may feel like you are more emotional than usual. Stay grounded and know that this is short lived. You are going through a minor transformation getting rid of old energy you no longer need!

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