by Sharon Weisz
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Wiping poop is one of our primary parenting tasks in the first couple of years of our babies’ lives. Although this may not be what we had envisioned while decorating the nursery, we can actually turn it into a fun, bonding experience by adding music and language while changing diapers. When we sing and interact with our babies, it actually makes the experience fun, particularly if this is a second or third child. They just relish the undivided attention. Try to teach your partner the song as well!

Here are some vocabulary and songs you can use while changing your little one’s diaper.

ITEMS: diaper, wipes, bum cream
ACTIONS: change, wipe, pants off, pants on
DESCRIBING WORDS: wet, dry, clean, stinky, all done
SONGS: It’s time to change your diaper (

Don’t forget to use these KEY words and phrases BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER each activity. It is also a good idea to emphasize the key words. Here is what this might sound like:

Before: It’s time to change your DIAPER. 
During: Let’s take off your pants. Let’s wipe! Sing: “It’s time to change your diaper.”
After: All done.  Stand up. Pants on. We just changed your DIAPER. Now you’re nice and clean.

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Happy washing!
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