November Tarostrology


by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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November Tarostrology. It is a fun and informative way to learn where we are in life, and what can do to make the most out of it!

Dr. Lisa Marvin


Aries: Ace of Cups, Seven of Pentacles, Hermit

You have experienced a surge of new emotions and feelings recently. This month, start to cement plans for your future endeavours. Really dig deep into what you want to bring into your life. You are getting ready to experience the beginning of a new journey!


Taurus: Six of Wands, Star, Ten of Swords

You have taken more initiative in your life recently. This month, reach for your dreams without fear. Don’t be afraid to make them a success. You have released old hurdles that have been holding you back in the past!


Gemini: King of Pentacles, Sun, Five of Pentacles

You have been more open in finding new ways to bring fulfillment into your life. This month, you will feel more at ease and relaxed in your life. You are ready to be more optimistic and it’s becoming easier for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Cancer: Knight of Swords, Three of Cups, Six of Cups

You have been more confident in acting on your inspirations lately. This month, focus on communicating your feelings more clearly. You are getting ready to feel a wonderful sense of joy and freedom!


Leo: Five of Wands, Ace of Swords, King of Cups

You have been feeling as though you have been encountering more hurdles lately. This month you will be inspired to take a new direction within your life. Once you do, your joy will be contagious as the people around you will see you in a new light!


Virgo: Devil, Queen of Wands, Two of Cups

You have been getting back to who you really are lately. This month, focused on staying balanced mentally and emotionally. You are getting ready to make an important emotional connection with someone around you!


Libra: Magician, Eight of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles

You have recently felt more uplifted and in tune with your capabilities. This month, it is time to master your work, whether it’s within your career or in your life. Once you start focusing more, you will notice that new ideas and opportunities will arise!


Scorpio: Eight of Cups, Ace of Pentacles, King of Swords

You’ve learned a lot from your past emotional mistakes. This month, you will notice new opportunities that will be presented to you. Make the most of them. It is time to act without fear, tapping into your powerful confidence!


Sagittarius: Queen of Swords, Nine of Pentacles, Six of Swords

You have been feeling a little more emotionally closed off lately. This month, you will notice a big change within yourself, and others will begin to notice it too. You will be able to move away from negative energy that no longer serves you!


Capricorn: Tower, Temperance, Ten of Pentacles

You have gone through a major change recently. This month, practice patience and maintaining balance in your life. You are getting ready to explore new ways of gaining fulfillment in your life!


Aquarius, Six of Pentacles, Ten of Wands, Justice

You have been feeling more celebratory lately. This month, try to let go of any burdens that you have been carrying for a while. You are getting ready to figure out a new way to deal with difficult situations in your life!


Pisces: Moon,  Five of Cups, Four of Cups

You’ve been feeling more emotion than usual lately. This month, you may feel like you are having a harder time getting through difficult feelings. This is an important to to re-evaluate your emotional side and let go of the feelings that have been holding you back!

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