Ultimate Toy Guide: Babies and Toddlers

by Kianna Krzeminska
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Still looking for the perfect toys to gift for the Holidays? Check out the Holiday Edition of our magazine for our full Ultimate Toy Guide! Click the links for reviews posted on our website.

1. Play All Day Elmo

Play all day Elmo is an interactive toy that will soon become your childs best friend. With over 150 responses, cool dance moves and games, Elmo is sure to keep your young one occupied for hours! Click the link below for a full review.

Ages: 18 Months, $79.99 – Hasbro


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2. Groove Cube

groove cube group shot

The Groove Cube Bluetooth Speaker is the smallest Bluetooth speaker available on the market right now. Its unique design allows you to play great sounding music for your little one at your convenience and allows you to connect it to your phone for hands-free phone calls through its built in microphone

Ages: 3+, $19.99 – Mastermind Toys

3. Playskool Dressy Kids Boy

Hasbro gave to us

The Playskool Dressy Kids doll features an array of unique fasteners to help kids learn how to dress themselves including a zipper, buckle, button, tie, and fabric fasteners. This toy is perfect for on the go as you can fasten it to your bag or stroller! Click below for a full review

Ages: 2+, $24.99 – Hasbro

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4.  Bright Beats Dance & Move Beatbo


This awesome toy comes with three modes: Dance ‘n Move, Learning & Games, and Customized Sing-Along, each of which allow your little one to be interactive and creative. This toy introduces your little one to letters, colors, shapes, music and so much more and is customize-able to allow your child to keep going back to it for years to come.

Ages: 9 Months – 3 Years, $49.99 – Toys’R’Us (Fisher-Price)

5. Playskool Fold ‘N Go Busy Elephant Blue


from Hasbro

This toy is perfect for on the go to keep your baby occupied and engaged and features exciting colors and textures for your baby to explore! For a full review, click the link below.

Ages: 3 Months +, $29.99 – Hasbro

Play, Stow, Go – Fold ‘n Go Busy Elephant

6.  Playskool Wobble’n Go Friends


This toy is perfect for on the go as it is collapsible into a disk for easy transport and is great for keeping your little one occupied! Extra weight on the bottom lets toy sway without toppling over, and is available as a cute bug, kitty and rabbit. Click below for the review of the cute kitty.

Ages: 3 Months +, $10.99 – Hasbro

Our Review/

7. Playskool Pop-Up Shape Sorter

hasbro supplied

This toy is awesome for teaching your children about shapes, colors and hand-eye coordination. It’s perfect for on the go as it collapses down fully for easy storage. Click below for a full review!

Ages: 18 Months +, $16.99 – Hasbro

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8.  Playskool Friends My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Party


This toy is super interactive and adds an element of surprise to playtime! Watch your little one run around as they chase the balls fly out from the top of her head or roll out from her leg! Click below for a full review.

Ages: 9 Months +$39.99 – Hasbro

Our Review

9. Baby Alive Snackin’ Sara


Snackin’ Sara is perfect for little ones expecting a younger sibling or that just want to learn to care for a baby. She can speak both French and English, and can say over 30 phrases. Plus, she comes in three different ethnicities with different hair colours. Click below for a full review!

Ages: 3+, $64.99 – Hasbro

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10. Elmo’s On The Go Letters


This toy is great for on the go and stimulating your child, It comes with 26 letters and a cute Elmo carrying case, making learning fun and easy to transport anywhere. Click below for the full review.

Ages: 2+, $24.00 – Hasbro

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11. Play-Doh Cupcake Celebration Playset


If you want to keep your children occupied for hours with colorful creative fun, the Play-Doh Cupcake Celebration Playset is the perfect gift. Turn your children into little bakers with this HUGE set! Click below for a full review.

Ages: 3+, $26.00 – Hasbro

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