Toys for the trips…

by Wioletta Rehman
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The best toys for the plane, train, car, beach…..

Travelling with the kids, especially long hours can be exhausting for parents and the kids. Little ones cannot really seat still for more than 5 minutes so what to do with them:)

Following are few suggestions that usually work for me when travelling with my kids.
Ipad- always charged and lots of new games. I really like the educational games that can provide hours of entertaining.

  • New colouring books with crayons
  • New reading books
  • Portable drawing toySmall toys – recently shopkins are most popular. 

My rule is one toys per kid-I really don’t like carry additional bags full of toys.

Portable DVD players – they are great for the cars. On the plane the tv is a little bit more exciting as kids can choose their own movies.

Aqua doodle – perfect for any trip – there is a travel one that includes little mat and aqua doodle pen that needs to be filled with the water.

For the beach– don’t forget the beach towel and the sunscreen:)

We love the beach. Kids can play with the sand, run and look for the shells.
It depends on the kids age however these are the toys that we have been using during our trips:
Mold set, sand play set – bucket, rake, shovel, sand castle, Paddle set, Inflatable beach ball

I always recommend various snacks as they are handy anywhere you go with the kids.

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