What you REALLY need when you have a baby!

by Natasha Marchand
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We often joke that all you need for baby is love & a crib, but realistically, we know that getting ready for baby is exciting, and so is the shopping! That being said, we want you to spend your money wisely and avoid big ticket baby items that take up space but rarely get used.

By the time your baby is born, you should have a few essentials like diapers (if you plan to use cloth, you may want to try disposables until the poo turns yellowish), some cotton sleepers, a car seat and a place for baby to sleep (if you are co-sleeping please make sure you get the information to do this safely). You may want to get a bath tub that fits into your own or something that can fit into your sink or goes onto the change table to bathe your newborn! Try to resist the urge to run out and by everything on that ‘must have’ list, because you may find you can get by just fine without it.

Many pregnant women ask us what breast pump they should choose, but we truly feel it is best to wait until after the baby is born to make this decision. Breastfeeding and milk supply may come easily for you, in which case a hand pump may be enough to fit your needs. If you are returning to work early or need some extra help with the baby, an electric pump is important (we love Medela).

How will you transport your little one? We think a great stroller that fits your urban, suburban, or rural living style is needed (think small if you take public transit a lot). Find one with lots of storage space underneath the seat, a feature often overlooked but SO important. Get one like the snap and go that your car seat can snap into and then as your baby grows get one that is easy to transport like the city mini stroller. You can also look on the P&B buy and sell page or group on Facebook or buy one that a friend or someone you know is selling!

Another must have item is a wrap and/or carrier. Babies want to be held ALL THE TIME when they are little, so these can be a real lifesaver. We recommend Chimparoo  or the Ergo carrier. A spacious diaper bag gets your and baby’s things from point A to point B, C, D without leaving anything behind. Don’t be fooled though…you can use ANY bag as a diaper bag!  Just throw in this Skip Hop Pronto and voila, your favourite bag is your diaper bag.

We feel that reading to your baby is crucial! Start to compile a great collection of books. You will need cloth and board books for little ones and wonderful picture books with stories you love to read over and over with your baby and toddler. What are the best toys? Most things lying around your kitchen are what your baby will love for the first year or two, such as bowls, pots & pans, measuring cups and whisks. Throw a towel on the floor of your kitchen, put some water and large spoons in the bowl and let your little one play for hours (well, minutes if you’re lucky).

When you get to the solid-food eating phase, a clip chair (Phil&Teds make a few great options) saves you space and money! They keep your toddler sitting up with you and they can move around to restaurants or to other people’s homes with ease. You can get some small spoons, but glass bowls and tea spoons work well too. If you’re looking for guidance with this stage, check out bebo mia’s Peas on the Ceiling class.

The biggest and most essential component in getting you through the first 12 months? Help! Another set of hands to relieve you, support you, and be there with you and your family during this major transition time. Gather a list of who is willing to help you , when, and with what and keep it posted on your fridge. Call on these people for food, babysitting, or just to keep you company. We promise, it’s the best thing for new parents! bebo mia offers 24/7 care for the first 6 months, get a night nurse for the first few nights or few weeks if you can afford it,  –the best investment or gift you can get!

We know there are tons of amazing things in the beautiful baby stores found in most towns and cities and you will enjoy shopping for your baby –but just remember, focus on the essentials… everything else is just a bonus!


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