The Best Tips for Summer Entertaining!

by Pink&Blue Contributor
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It’s summer and whether you are at your vacation home, cottage, or trailer there is generally entertaining to do! If you are getting ready to host people relaxation is the furthest thing on your mind. From planning the menu to having enough ice here are some tips to rock the weekend.

– Tip 1 – Stock Up –

When it comes to parties you can never have too many essentials! Plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, and ice are things you can never have enough of when you are hosting. Stock up and make sure you have extra.

– Tip 2 – Do Your Prep Work –

Do all your prep work early! If you plan your meals a few days in advance and get all the groceries and things you will need before the big day you can start prepping all the little things the day before. Make sauces, chop veggies, rinse all your greens, and/or make a simple syrup for drinks, any of the things you can prep ahead of time will make the big day more relaxing. If you are having a lot of people or are having trouble planning meal you can ask everyone to bring a side or dessert this way you have more food and variety for everyone.

– Tip 3 – Create a Playlist –

You can create a playlist a week or even just a few days before hand but with this task out of the way you won’t have to worry about it. Choose songs that you and your guests can enjoy while socializing.

– Tip 4 – Prepare Your Party Space –

Whether it’s on the deck, porch, dock or in the yard, make sure the space is tidy. Make sure there are enough tables and seating for your guests, and try to arrange the furniture for optimum socialization.

– Tip 5 – The Back-Up Plan –

We’ve all been to a party or picnic when mother nature decides not to co-operate. Make sure you have room indoors or under tents or canopies so your guests don’t get soaked.

– Tip 6 – Get Your Team Together –

There is always someone willing to work the BBQ or stock the bar or prepare the salads – if you need a hand just ask!

– Tip 7 – Keep it Cool –

Set up coolers or ice bins around the party so guests can grab and stash their drinks quickly and easily.

– Tip 8 – Go The Extra Mile –

If you have extra time and you want to make your gathering extra special you can make center pieces for your tables or set up baskets in the washrooms or in out of the way but visible places with personal care items such as sunscreen, dental floss, mints, lotion, feminine products etc. This will make your guest feel extra special.

– Tip 9 – K.I.S.S –

Keep It Simple Silly. In the end it’s your relaxation time! From food, to décor to planning don’t make it complicated. People appreciate a relaxed approach and you will thank yourself for it too!

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