Finding a trusted babysitter

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Finding a trusted babysitter can be stressful, but you’ve got more resources than you think!
Top five tips to helping you find the right fit for your family:

Referrals- Other parents you trust are a great resource. Talk to your friends and ask if their proven, trusted babysitter would be a good fit for your kids.
School- Ask your child’s teacher or child care provider at school if they occasionally “moonlight” as a babysitter. You’ll be surprised how often the answer is ‘Yes!’.
Family- The preferred choice for many parents- a trusted family member makes a great, and often free, babysitter.
Younger Babysitters- If a trustworthy teenage child of family friends is babysitting for you, ensure they have satisfactory certification and CPR training. As with any babysitter. Resources like the In A Pinch Back-up PLAN give you a place to record all the info your sitter will need. It’s a great tool for anyone who’s caring for your kids.
AGENCY- Many parents prefer to deal with a reputable placement agency willing to handle temporary/short term babysitting placements. In A Pinch carefully selects and screens all caregivers, is fully insured, and is always prepared to handle last-minute requests for help.

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