Teenagers and Social Media

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This period of time is dedicated to finding yourself, your signature look, personality, your friends, and possibly your passion.  Many teenagers turn to social media for outfits, hairstyles, or even DIY inspirations. One of the most influential social media in todays’ world is YouTube. The YouTube world has grown more and more over the past few years. Girls and guys all over the world turn to it when in doubt. This social media gives the consumer a chance to become the producer. Anyone around the world that owns a camera can create content and share their creative minds with the world. This has been a very popular safe haven for teenagers that struggle in high school and just want a platform where they can be themselves.  As time has progressed, YouTubers have become inspirational women and men and before they know it they have turned into role models for millions of people worldwide.  Other social networks that allow high school students to let go and be themselves is Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest. 

Peer pressure and bullying are experiences that almost every teenager goes through in high school. These are what often lead girls and guys to turn to social media, an outlet where no one can judge them. It’s very easy to take everything to heart, however, its important to know that the stars cannot shine without darkness. 

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